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Congratulations on making the FIRST step to homeownership!

This course is designed for potential home buyers with immediate housing needs who are experiencing difficulties due to credit challenges, locating available properties and qualifying for a mortgage. If you are unable to locate a home have been denied for a mortgage, and need to move now, this MASTER CLASS is for you. This INNOVATIVE master class is not a Band-Aid, a temporary fix or a mere get around. You will learn how to recognize the exact home that suits your needs, your financial situation and much, much more.

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Would you like to be in your new home, not an apartment, entertaining your family at holiday gatherings, relaxing on the couch watching TV or waking up in your own bed? But wait, the banks have turned you down because your credit scores are too low, no one is willing to co-sign or get a loan for you. Additionally, there are no real estate programs that can get you into your perfect home or that can provide solutions to resolve the issues that stopped you from qualifying for financing. What can you do?

DON'T WORRY........

Imagine navigating through this complicated real estate environment, finding the perfect home that suits your needs and getting your credit rating to the point where you can finally qualify for your permanent financing. You no longer have to be stressed trying to figure out where you can locate a home to call your own, in a real estate market that has more buyers that houses available for sale or being denied ever again for bank financing.


My NextGen 2.0 Home Buyers Master Class is a game changer...!

There’s nothing on the market like it! I’ve been in the real estate industry for more than 25 years specializing in a variety of complicated real estate matters, such as, foreclosure prevention, short sales, IRS offer and compromise (settlements), creative finance and much more.

I Am Also A Real Estate Broker...

 As a seasoned broker licensed in multiple states who's closed millions of dollars in real estate transactions, a real estate coach, and a motivational speaker, just to name a few of my accomplishments. I’ve also created innovative real estate courses and materials transforming my students’ real estate dreams into their realities. 

My Proven 

Techniques And Strategies...

My students are discovering with my proven techniques, how to pinpoint their perfect home that fits their housing needs in this overly saturated sellers’ market. In addition, they are learning techniques to remove inaccuracies and derogatories from their credit report. Moreover, my students are learning the skills to acquire new credit. As a result of their improved credit scores, not only are they now able to qualify for bank financing, but they can buy just about anything they want.


Many of my students want to avoid making mistakes or need to feel more secure by having their personal coach available to walk them through these innovative techniques step-by-step. Some of my students may just have too much going on with work or in their busy lives and simply need assistance applying this amazing knowledge, so they can get the maximum benefits from this course.  

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Here's What You

Get With This Package

Online, On-demand, On any device at any time. We offer the most flexible and convenient times to complete your amazing training from the comforts of your home.

  • Easy to understand

  • Step-by-Step Techniques

  • Downloadable PDF’s

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Self-Paced Learning

  • Any Device

  • Proven Techniques

  • Sample Letters

  • What to do on day 1

  • Available Resources

  • Memberships & Support

  • Financial Calculator Worksheet

  • Property Analysis Worksheet

  • Bonus Techniques

  • New Credit Builder

  • Let's Hear What Others Are Saying



    This amazing program showed me step-by-step how to take my credit scores from 490 to 786 in 4 months. Using these techniques, I located the perfect ranch styled home for me and my wife. Because we already had the property in our names, we didn’t have to come up with a down payment once we qualified for our own financing. Absolutely Amazing. Thanks David


    wrench group

    After my home was sold on a short sale, my credit scores dropped by over 100 points. I couldn’t get financing to purchase a new home, now I’m no longer stressed and in a home I love and can easily afford.



    I went into foreclosure once my husband and I filed for divorce. My kids and I needed to relocate immediately, but my credit was shot and little money to put down on a new place. David coached me through the entire process. I sold my home and put cash in my pockets, using his techniques, I was able to get my credit scores up and all of the negative marks removed. We are now enjoying our new home that I can afford with a piece of mind. Thank you so much David.


    wrench group

    My landlord sold our home without notice, we were facing eviction from the new owner and could not find anywhere to move. Every time we wrote an offer, so many other buyers beat us to the deal. Months had gone by with no option. We learned many powerful techniques that got us to off market properties, before we knew it, there where many properties to choose from. We are now in our new home that we can call our own and do not have to ever worry about what a landlord is doing with our home. Thank you, David.

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    NextGen 2.0 Home Buyer Master Program


    NextGen 2.0 Home Buyer Master Program - $1,447.00, 3 + 1 hour sessions with David - $450.00

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    NextGen 2.0 Home Buyer Master Program


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    NextGen 2.0 Home Buyer Master Program


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    $1,000.00, course purchase required

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    15-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

    I stand behind my products, after the completion of your program, you will understand how to approach your lender, negotiate and get a loan modification simpler and faster than you could have ever imagined.

    My goal is to make you your own success story. After 25 years of being in the real estate business, my clients and students have benefited from my creative techniques and situations allowing them to get positive results and an unspeakable amount of education and knowledge.

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    From the comforts of your home, your work or anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can take advantage of learning this life-changing information. Click now to get your immediate access to this amazing course and be well on your way to the key to your new home and good credit.

    Enroll now to get your discounted price, as this information has been so popular that the price will increase soon.

    My Story

    Years ago, in my early 20’s, I was desperate to find a home for me and my family. I had been denied by banks and credit unions and could not borrow any money from my family. I felt hopeless and fresh out of ideas. I asked around to local real estate agents and loan officers about any loan programs for individuals with low credit scores or just any kind of opportunity to acquire a home other than renting. Door after door was closed in my face, my back was up against the wall and to make matters worse, we had a new baby on the way. I was hungry for information. Although there were tons of help explaining how to improve my credit rating and raise my scores, that took time, which I didn’t have, additionally, I lacked years on a job and tax returns.  You can do this! The information I’m about to teach you in this course is life changing. Not only was I able to acquire my first home (3 bedrooms, 2 baths), but I did it with only $5,000.00 down, no credit check and years later I sold that home and made a $19,000.00 profit. 

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