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Secrets To Interrupting Foreclosure

Congratulations on making the first steps to get your foreclosure cancelled and keeping control of your home.

This course is designed for homeowners that other foreclosure alternatives were unsucce ssful and are facing imminent foreclosure. if you lender has given you the run around and there,s not enough time to seek other alternatives to foreclosure, this master class is for you. This INNOVATIVE master class is not a Band-Aid, a temporary fix or a mere get around. You will learn my secrets to getting your foreclosure stopped in its tracks and much., much, more.

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Imagine your American Dream being restored, having that same piece of mind you had when you purchased your home, and no longer being in fear when a car drives by or when you open your mail. Finally, no more financial stress, now you can be excited to do yard work, planting flowers and doing projects in your home.

We get it, you might also be thinking, yes I understand that I can truly get back in control of my mortgage payments, finances and build good credit. But how can someone like me with no prior foreclosure prevention or loan modification knowledge, very little to no money, and bad credit stop the foreclosure on my home and turning my bad credit into good credit in such a short period of time?

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My NextGen 2.0 Loan Modification Master Class is a game changer, and there’s nothing on the market like it! I’ve been in the real estate industry for over 25 years specializing in various complicated real estate matters such as: foreclosure prevention, short sales, loan modifications, IRS lien settlements and much more. I’m also a real estate broker in multiple states and have closed millions of dollars in real estate transactions. I am also a real estate coach, instructor, motivational speaker, as we as a developer of real estate courses and materials. My students have made impossible real estate circumstances and turned into win-win situations.

My Proven 

Techniques And Strategies...

My students are discovering my proven techniques and the art of negotiating with their lenders, allowing them to get amazing results in very short periods of time. After completing my program, you will thoroughly understand how you got into this situation, what to do to avoid future issues, how to complete your lender’s complicated paperwork. This in addition to get an approval, knowing what resources and options are available to you.

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Many homeowners have a fear of making mistakes or saying the wrong thing to their lenders when applying for assistance. Some homeowners have too much going on with work or life and just don’t have the time needed to complete the application process and make the necessary follow-up phone calls with their lender. My coaching program is your solution. Having a coach who can walk you through the entire process step-by-step, assist with completing your application for accuracy and completeness, and even making conference calls with you and your lender to assure a smooth application process, will definitely remove any uncertainties and fear.  

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Here's What You

Get With This  Package

Immediate access, Online, On-demand, On Any Device at Any time. We offer the most flexible and convenient times to complete your loan modification training from the comfort of your home

  • Because I’m a foreclosure expert, I’ve made your loan modification program easy to understand, with simplified terminology that will illustrate each technique step-by-step.

  • Your program comes with coaching support, therefore any questions or concerns you may have will be easily addressed allowing for faster approvals. 

  • There are real-life cases, live calls with a lender for a complete and thorough understanding, giving you assurances that you are learning the information. Our goal is to make you your own success story.

  • The real estate and foreclosure practices are constantly changing, your information is kept up-to-date on a monthly basis, keeping you well informed with real-time information.



    Not only was I facing a foreclosure auction in less than 2 weeks, but I had a serious IRS issue. My home needed all kinds of repairs I couldn’t afford, but I owed more on my home than it was worth, my home was upside down. I heard David’s commercial and called him instantly. David understood my situation and went right into action. Today I am still in my home, my mortgage payments are now affordable, I'm making payments to the IRS, my hope have been restored. Thank you so much David.


    My mortgage company has been playing games with me saying they have not received a complete package so many times. I owe thousands in back payments and feel like I’m just kicking the can down the road. David, your powerful knowledge saved my home, I was able to get my foreclosure stopped in its tracks, using this amazing course allowed me to understand what I was doing wrong. Now I’m in my home, no longer in fear of losing everything I’ve worked so hard for. Man, this information has helped me in so many ways, I can’t thank you enough David. Bless you!


    I was denied a loan modification because my debt and expenses were too high, according to my lender. I am a diabetic and my medications are expensive, I shouldn’t have to choose between paying for medicine to keep me alive over keeping my home. My bank had me set for foreclosure three days after denying my modification. These amazing techniques got my foreclosure stopped immediately, I also enrolled in David’s loan modification course, reapplied for my modification, using the debt to income calculator, and I was approved. David, I’m still in my home and can easily afford my payments, all thanks to you and your amazing knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you David! 


    I had my home under contract after falling sick with Covid-19, I was told that the foreclosure moratorium had expired and my mortgage company immediately started the foreclosure process. My contract fell through because of the buyer’s financing and was facing imminent foreclosure. After getting out of the hospital, I enrolled in this amazing course. My foreclosure has been cancelled, I got an all cash offer for thousands more than my first contract. As I was sitting at the closing table, collecting a big check, I couldn’t stop saying how grateful and blessed I’m feeling. My health is much better; I have money in the bank all thanks to David. Thank you so much David!


    Secrets To Interrupting Foreclosure MASTERCLASS



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    One on One Coaching 

    $1,000.00, course purchase required

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    There’s nothing on the market that gives homeowners direct step-by-step instructions in the foreclosure prevention arena. Although there’s much education and offers of assistance, no programs or foreclosure prevention courses are available to provide so much information that’s proven effective in real time as my programs. The information you will find on the websites of government and housing counseling agency's, are not actually concerned about giving you the skills and techniques needed to prevent foreclosure; nor can they help get your loan modification approved. These entities are more concerned with providing information and resources rather than provide real solutions. Although helpful, many homeowners need much more than just information. Moreover, a shocking 76% of homeowners that are successful with getting their modification approved, go back into default and face another foreclosure within two years. Additionally, minorities are impacted more statically speaking.  

    Loan modifications typically start off as a Trial Period Loan Modification plan. During this period there are critical components going on behind the scenes as the lender prepares before your modification becomes permanent. For example, this is the period for lenders to see if you can actually afford your new modified payment. Additionally, the title to your home is being verified and often there are other issues that prevent your modification from becoming final. My NextGen 2.0 Loan Modification Master Class addresses all of these issues to assure you of a successful permanent loan modification. 

    My program focuses on making you your own success story, by providing step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and in real-time, making certain you achieve an approved loan modification. Basically you have three options, you can give up on your home and throw it all away, stay in denial about being in control of your own home, or do nothing and continue hoping the lender will change their mind and not foreclose on your home. Let’s be frank my friend, you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you wanted those options. 

    You’re here because you believe you deserve a stress free lifestyle. You can study on your own, piecing together different strategies hoping you can make the right ingredients work to get a loan modification approved. Or you can enroll in my program, study my proven techniques and shortcuts that are specifically designed to fast pace you through this complex loan modification process. Let's start get immediately with getting results in an amazingly short period of time.

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    10-day, money-back guarantee. I stand behind my products, after the completion of your program, you will understand how to approach your lender, negotiate and get a loan modification simpler and faster than you could have ever imagined. My goal is to make you your own success story. After 25 years of being in the real estate business, my clients and students have benefited from my creative techniques and situations allowing them to get positive results and an incredible amount of education and knowledge.

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    From the comfort of your home, in your office or anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can take advantage of learning this life-changing information. Click now to get your immediate access to your NexGen 2.0 Loan Modification System.

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